Regular and professional kitchen filter maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your filters.

However like most equipment in your commercial kitchen, your filters do wear, and will occasionally need replacing.

At Lotus Filters we stock a wide range of commercial kitchen filters. Including the commonly used ‘honeycomb filters’. We offer competitive prices across our entire range, and can organise the installation of your new filters, as well as the removal of your old ones.


Honeycomb filter sales

One of the most popular filters sold for commercial kitchens, honeycomb filters, suit most businesses and applications.

The filter media used in honeycomb filters is constructed of metal (aluminum or stainless steel) and is generally 50mm thick. The 50mm foil strip is sculpted into a series of double compound curves, which upon being folded back on itself form a smooth-walled honeycomb design.

Honeycomb filters offer a long service life (when properly maintained), are lightweight, and allow for easy removal and cleaning. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety of applications. And non-standard sizes can be arranged as required.

A typical honeycomb filter

Filter sizes

Our honeycomb filters are available in the following sizes.

380 x 455 x 50mm | 394 x 495 x 50mm

394 x 622 x 50mm | 495 x 495 x 50mm

495 x 622 x 50mm | 597 x 597 x 50mm

Custom sizes can also be made to order.


Why choose filters from Lotus Filters

We supply quality-made filters from trusted industry names. Our kitchen filters are made from durable materials for maximum performance and service life. And our expert sales team is always available for after-market service and support.

Lotus Filters has over 30 years experience in the sale and cleaning of grease filters. We’re an Australian business supplying filters for businesses in multiple locations across Australia.

So you can have the peace-of-mind of knowing that you’re dealing with local and trusted industry professionals.