Dirty or improperly maintained kitchen rangehood filters aren’t just unsightly, they’re also dangerous.

Fortunately having your kitchen filters professionally cleaned and maintained is easy, with Lotus Filters’ kitchen filter exchange service.

Kitchen grease filter exchange

Your kitchen’s exhaust system works by drawing cooking vapour, steam, and particulates away from the cooktop, through your grease filters and ducting, before expelling them from the building.

As this process takes place grease residue builds up on your filters affecting their appearance and effectiveness.

The best way to keep to your kitchen filters clean and performing their best, is with regular filter exchange and cleaning. That’s where the team at Lotus Filters come in.

Here’s what commerical kitchen filters look like, before and after our services


How our filter exchange service works

The proper maintenance of your kitchen’s rangehood filters shouldn’t be inconvenient or time-consuming. And with Lotus Filters it doesn’t have to be. That’s because at Lotus Filters we specialise in prompt service that works to your business’ schedule.

Our hassle-free filter exchange service includes the following steps:

Step 1: Choose your own or temporary filters
Firstly you can choose to either purchase a set of exchange filters – these filters will have your business name engraved upon them, to ensure you get the same filters with every service.

Or alternatively, you can use an exchange set from our stock pool. These filters while not your own are also of good quality.

Step 2: Create a filter cleaning schedule
We will work with you to create a cleaning schedule, which ensures that your filters are exchanged on a regular and consistent basis.

Step 3: Filter exchange is carried out
The filter exchange will be performed by qualified and trained personnel. We will ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with appropriate safety standards, including using the relevant personal protective equipment (PPE).

Step 4: Post exchange clean-up
We will ensure that the workplace is left in the same condition as on arrival to site. That includes removing all of our equipment, and cleaning-up after ourselves.

Step 5: Certificate of service is provided
Following receipt of payment, a service verification certificate is provided on request to serve as evidence of system status for insurers, council officers, landlord’s agents, etc.


Recommended filter cleaning schedule

How often you should have your kitchen filters exchanged and cleaned will depend on your business, your commercial kitchen, and the type of cooking taking place. Below is our guide to how often you should have your filters cleaned.

Light use (2-6 hours/day) : every 4 weeks

Moderate use (6-12 hours/day) : every 2 weeks

Heavy use (12-16 hours/day) : every week

Of course, every exhaust system is still unique, and your filters may require more/less frequent cleaning accordingly. For the most accurate recommendation request a free, no-obligation quote from Lotus Filters today.