During the average working day your commercial kitchen’s canopy may absorb smoke, grease, oils, gases such as carbon monoxide, as well as odours and chemical particles.

Over time, all of these things can leave traces in your canopy, comprising its effectiveness and appearance.

Fortunately, keeping your kitchen canopy performing (and looking) its best is easy, with regular maintenance and canopy cleaning from a trusted commercial cleaning company, like Lotus Filters.


We Clean Your Canopy Inside & Out

While your canopy may be clean on the outside, it’s often what you can’t see that is dangerous. Grease, oil, and grime deposits can all accumulate within your kitchen canopy. And these deposits may not be immediately visible.

At Lotus Filters we use specialised equipment to give your kitchen canopy a comprehensive cleaning both inside and out.

Upon completion of canopy cleaning, you will be provided with a certificate detailing the service provided. As well as before and after photographs of the now-cleaned canopy. So you can rest assured knowing that your kitchen canopy is clean, safe, and performing at its best.

kitchen canopy cleaning - before and after cleaning by Lotus Filters

Here’s a kitchen canopy before and after cleaning by Lotus Filters

filter cavity before and after cleaning by Lotus Filters

And here’s a filter cavity before and after our cleaning services


Canopy Cleaning Safely & Completely

Cleaning your commercial kitchen’s canopy yourself, or having your staff do so isn’t just unadvised, it regularly can be very dangerous.

Kitchen canopies by their nature are usually placed up high, and above cook-tops and fryers.

Attempting to clean them without the proper training, equipment, and regular experience can lead to injuries from slipping, falls, and burns. You could also be breaching the requirements of your insurance policy and Australian standards.

That’s why at Lotus Filters we say: let us clean your kitchen’s canopy. Our professional team will clean your canopy, inside and out, completely, and most importantly safely.