Clean and properly-functioning air conditioning filters are an essential part of any air conditioning system.

If your filters aren’t cleaned and replaced regularly, if they’re old and worn, then your air conditioner won’t be operating as it should.

At Lotus Filters we supply a range of quality air conditioning filters, designed for a variety of systems and applications. Our experienced team can provide and install all the air conditioning filters to keep your system performing at its best.


Commercial air conditioning filter sales

Our commercial air conditioning filters are made for tough, long-lasting performance. They’re sourced from trusted suppliers, and we back all filters sold with exceptional aftersales advice and support.

With air conditioning filters from Lotus Filters, you can rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing a reliable and quality-made product.


Air conditioning filters

At Lotus Filters we stock a wide range of air conditioning filters, all available in a variety of sizes to suit numerous specific applications. Custom sizes can also be made to order.

Some of our most popular air conditioning filters include:

Hi Flo Filters

Made of a layered, melt blown, synthetic and water resistant media, Hi Flo filters feature an ultrasonically sealed pocket configuration. Hi Flo filters are suitable for use in many industrial applications and most commercial buildings.

They are also suitable for use in healthcare facilities and automotive paint booths. Rating options include F6 (60-65% Green), F7 (80-85% Pink) and F8 (90-95% Yellow).

Hi Flo AC Filters from Lotus Filters

An example of a Hi Flo Filter

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are made for use in cleanrooms, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants and other areas that require the very highest levels of contamination control.

The pleat spacing is maintained by corrugated aluminium separators and the media pack is thoroughly sealed to the inside of the cell sides with an adhesive.

HEPA filters are available in a wide range of sizes, capacities, separator designs, bonds and cell side materials. Also available with antimicrobial.

HEPA Filters from Lotus Filters

An example of a HEPA Filter


High-efficiency compact filter with 4 V-banks for high capacity with lower media resistance and higher dust holding capacity, VariCel VXL filters are lightweight and designed for use in industrial and commercial HVAC installations.

Rating options include F6 (60-65%), F7 (80-85%), F8 (90-95%) and F9 (98%).

VariCel/OPAKFIL Filter from Lotus Filters

An example of a VariCel/OPAKFIL Filter



Biocel/BioHEPA filters are high-efficiency filters primarily designed to remove airborne biological contaminants in hospital critical areas, as well as in pharmaceutical and food processing plants.

They also meet the requirements of precision manufacturing operations and laboratories where very high efficiency on fine particulate matter is necessary.

BioCel AC Filter from Lotus Filters

An example of a BioCel Filter


Air conditioning filter maintenance

Like all components in your air conditioning system, maintenance is required to keep your filters performing their best. This involves removing the dust, dirt, and grime that builds up inside of the filter during everyday use.

Regular filter maintenance combined with air conditioning duct cleaning helps to keep the air within your business cool, clear, and free of contaminants.


Why choose Lotus Filters for AC filters?

We have more than 30 years experience in the supply and maintenance of air conditioning filters. We’re an Australian business, providing filters for a range of small, medium, and large franchise businesses.

We’re also registered members of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA).

So when you choose Lotus Filters you can rest assured knowing that you’re choosing the trusted and local professionals.