Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I clean the filters myself?

Canopy and filter cleaning is a highly dirty and smelly job and unless you are properly trained in filter cleaning, you probably aren’t cleaning your filters properly. Giving your filters a quick spray down or wipe is not only insufficient; you open yourself up to breaching EPA regulations and contributing to a greater risk later on. It is always safer to go with a professional service provider that has the right equipment, knows how to clean the filters properly and dispose of waste in accordance with environmental regulations.

The kitchen is clean. How do my filters get dirty?

Regardless of whether your kitchen is clean or not, your filters will always get dirty. It is a build up of oil and grease from cooking, and cannot be avoided. Even though your filters may be sparkling on the outside, it does not mean the inside looks the same.

Why do I need to get the filters cleaned?

Professionally cleaning your filters eliminates bacteria, grease and fat build up, reduces fire hazards, improves staff safety and is a requirement of Australian Standard AS1851-2012.Insurance claims can be rejected if you cannot prove that your filters, canopies and exhaust system are professionally cleaned and maintained.

What happens if I don’t clean my filters?

There will be a dangerous build up of grease and oil, which increases the risk of fire.

Why is fire a risk?

When grease has built up in a kitchen filter, canopy and exhaust system, it acts as a fuel that only takes the smallest spark to ignite. The bigger the grease build up, the greater the fire-risk.

Why should I choose Lotus Filters?

Lotus Filters is Australia’s largest kitchen filter cleaning and mechanical ventilation company, fully insured and accredited. Lotus Filters will meet with you to understand the requirements and needs of your business.Lotus Filters has invested in systems which allows us to schedule your service, so you’re never left wondering when your kitchen filters should be exchanged or your exhaust system next cleaned.

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